Chimney Cake


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Chimney Cakes
What are they?

Chimney Cake, Kürtőskalács, Kürtös Kalács, Trdelnik, Kurtosh, Baumstriezel, Horn Cake, Székely Cake, Hungarian Twister, Куртош калач, Cozonac Secuiesc:


There are so many names that relate to the Sweet or Savory, Crunchy, Fluffy, irresistible pastry that originates from Eastern Europe. These twisted, spiral, chimney shaped treats are not just delicious, but fascinating to watch being made right before your eyes. The STACKERY specializes in making these unforgettable pastries from scratch giving you the freshest taste and quality. We combine them with farm sourced organic fruits or spreads of your choice for a unbeatable TREAT.


We hope you enjoy and please let us know your thoughts!

We source our ingredients and products from the best local farmers. Each season changes, bringing with it a variety of fruits unique in its own way. Our Breads are always homemade, made to order, and paired with the best mother nature has to offer to give you a delightful and pleasing experience!


Organic and Farm sourced

The Taste of Old World Europe in the Palm of your Hand

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